Apple picking


We are one of the oldest apple orchards in the area and for good reason. We are one of the few modern orchards that respects tradition so highly that we use the oldest methods possible to harvest our goods. One of the services that we offer our customers is apple picking in our legendary orchard. Acres upon acres of fresh apples right for the picking, we offer low prices for an event that every member of the family is sure to enjoy.

Because we are a local family business, we understand the importance of spending quality time with the family. For more than 40 years, we have been using the same methods to help our orchard bloom, and allow our customers to enjoy the benefits of the harvest by offering low priced tours in a beautiful and scenic location free from the rest of the world.

Lose yourself in our vast orchard full of bright red apples and take advantage of our workshops where we teach you how to make your own apple cider, apple jam, and apple pie. People wonder what makes our apples so great, and the answer is the fact that we do not use any artificial or chemical process to produce our crops, which translates directly to quality. Picking apples has long been a great family event, and we are able to give our customers the highest quality service.

So join us for a great day of apple picking and so so much more. Become one of our satisfied customers that come and enjoy an afternoon with us. Join us in the tradition of great apple picking and growing at our beautiful orchard. Join us in upholding the tradition of traditional farming. See why the old way is the best way and why picking apples with us is the best way to do it.