The changing of the seasons


Anybody who has harvested crops knows that there is a certain time and certain rotation that must be met. The summer is quickly changing into the fall, which brings about my favorite time of year. Apples are one of the most diverse crops on the planet, and I for one cannot wait for them to begin fruiting. Fall is a time for celebration, and apples are a key component to the celebration foods that we eat.

There is a number of things that appeal to the fall harvest, it represents the end of a year and we are able to look back on our accomplishments and see what the future holds. Not to mention there are a number of dishes that are unique to the fall, that everyone enjoys. Whether it is apple pie or apple cider, there are many reasons to look forward to the fall and especially to the blossoming of the apple trees.

When it comes to the farming, there is little more enjoyable than taking a stroll in an apple orchard and picking fresh fruit right off the trees. It is why I became a farmer and I am constantly reminded of how much I enjoy the food and the season. For those of you who have not visited an apple orchard in the fall, I highly recommend it.


Enjoy the changing of the season, a time to reflect and usher in the end of the years. For us farmers it is an important part of the year and shows what we have accomplished and what to look forward to next.